Wood Kote News and Press Releases

- Press Release December 2010
Wood Kote Products featured in instructional DVD by renown woodcraftsman Hendrik Varju. Wood Kote's Jel’d Stain and 2-component wood bleach Lite-N-Up are demonstrated in a recently released instructional DVD produced in Canada. 

- Press Release June 2009
Wood Kote Announces Addition of Water-Based Jel'd Stain - Jel'd Stain H2O
After years of development, Wood Kote has released Jel'd Stain H2O, a water-based interior pigment wood stain. The formulation marks an important addition to Wood Kote's line of ultra low VOC wood finishes. Read More...

- Press Release September 2008
Wood Kote Announces Addition of Gelled Linseed Oil Soap
Wood Kote has added Jel'd Lin Soap to its product line. The product is more than a cleaning agent. Wood Kote's new formulation is used as a lubricant in the oilfields.Read More...

- Press Release June 2008
Wood Kote Warns of Counterfeit Products Appearing in USA
Wood Kote has engaged in litigation to stop counterfeiting and unauthorized use of its trademark in Southeast Asia. Despite the efforts, counterfeit Jel'd Stain is appearing in the United States. Wood Kote wants to inform its customers so they know they are purchasing genuine products. Read More...

- Press Release February 2008
Wood Kote Announces Addition of Ultra Low VOC Wipe-On Polyurethane
Wood Kote has reformulated Jel'd Poly Kote to meet the Southern California VOC requirements for architectural coatings. The reformulation completes Wood Kote's line of ultra low VOC solvent-based clear wood finishes. Read More...






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