Wood Kote Warns of Counterfeit Products Appearing in USA

Wood Kote has engaged in litigation to stop counterfeiting and unauthorized use of its trademark in Southeast Asia . Despite the efforts, counterfeit Jel'd Stain is appearing in the United States . Wood Kote wants to inform its customers so they know they are purchasing genuine products.

Portland , Oregon June 25, 2008 – For the past three years, Wood Kote Products Inc. has been involved in a legal battle in Malaysia to end the unauthorized production and sale of products carrying Wood Kote trademarks. A former Wood Kote distributor was manufacturing products and distributing them under Wood Kote labels throughout Southeast Asia . To avoid litigation and possible prosecution, the distributor entered into a settlement with Wood Kote Products Inc.

Wood Kote president, Gary Velikanje, states, “In 1999, Asian customers sent us unlabeled cans of a gelled-like stain they claimed they could buy at a fraction of the cost of Wood Kote Jel'd Stain. Our lab performed rudimentary tests and the foreign stains were of such poor quality we could not imagine they might pose a problem.”

In 2005, we began to receive complaints from end-users in Hong Kong . A perfunctory examination indicated that the products they purchased were not Wood Kote. The source of the counterfeit products was traced through Singapore and then ultimately to Malaysia . “We visited the facility in Malaysia to confirm the origin and immediately began legal proceedings to eliminate the source. The proprietors willingly agreed to a settlement.”

“We were aware that a substantial volume of products bearing counterfeit Wood Kote labels had been distributed. We are not pleased that end-users believed we had marketed inferior products but assumed the bogus products would eventually disappear and not be a factor. However, a dealer in Southern California recently contacted Wood Kote. He had been approached by an importer of finished wood products from Indonesia . The importer showed the Wood Kote dealer a container with an antiquated Jel'd Stain label. The importer claimed he could import the ‘Jel'd Stain' from Indonesia along with his other products and sell to a dealer at well below current pricing.” Velikanje claims, “We are pleased the dealer declined the offer and decided to contact us.”

“While we have no reports of counterfeit products actually being re-sold or used in the United States , we are aware of the possibility. It is in our best interest to be proactive in this matter. We are contacting dealers and end-users to make them aware that they might be offered counterfeit products.

Thus far, the counterfeit products are using an old style label but it would not be too difficult to re-label with a current version. “To our knowledge, none of the counterfeit products have the batch code embossed on the lid. If anyone is the least bit suspicious about the source of any Wood Kote product, they are invited to contact Customer Service, 800-843-7666, to verify the authenticity.

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Example of counterfeit can from Indonesia

Example of counterfeit can from Malaysia

Example of counterfeit can from Singapore


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